One Man & His Desk : notes for recordings

Here are a just a few notes to accompany the recorded segment for CNI Radio on October 31st 2009

OMAHD#17 - 'Notes from my sick bed'

  • 'Notes from my sick bed' - Happy Halloween but I'm not so well
  • The weather - annual differences in temperature
  • UTC / GMT time correction
  • UTC and the aviator's logbook
  • Number of the week - 70 sextillion (estimated number of stars visible with the best telescope)
  • Word of the week - FLOG (Fake Blog)
  • Music recommendation - Patrick Hawes
  • Tip of the week - check notebook battery costs
  • Puzzle - three men and five hats


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  • Quanta Qualia - The music of Patrick Hawes
  • Puzzle - three men and five hats
  • Listen again - to the OMAHD#17 recording