One Man & His Desk : notes for recordings

Here are a just a few notes to accompany the recorded segment for CNI Radio on February 27th 2010

OMAHD#28 - 'Mind the gap'

  • Mind the gap - aplogies for the recent absence
  • Pleasure and pain - notes of a freelance developer's lot
  • Getting roped in - one man and his sound and lighting desk
  • Some faourite apps for the U3 - Roboform2Go, Goodsync2Go


  • - probably how you got here to this page - feel free to use it to create your own short URLs
  • Roboform - Web Form filler and secure password manager
  • Goodsync - Backup and synchronise files
  • U3 Technology - USB 'Smart Drives'
  • Listen again - to the OMAHD#28 recording