One Man & His Desk : notes for recordings

Here are a just a few notes to accompany the recorded segment for CNI Radio on August 22nd 2009

OMAHD#8 - 'Two men, two desks. After the Sky Dive' : Short summary of topics covered

  • Intro - two men, two desks
  • Kevin Gadman - Skydive
  • Kevin Gadman - Online gaming
  • Taking things to pieces - SkyPlus Digital Recorder
  • Number of the week - 100 million
  • Word of the week - Ziggurat
  • Tip of the week - no more cheap tools


  • - probably how you got here to this page - feel free to use it to create your own short URLs
  • Skydive links will be updated soon
  • Ziggurats - Ancient stepped towers
  • More 'bing' for your buck? - Microsoft's search engine marketing budget
  • Listen again - to the OMAHD#8 recording